The Artist Behind the Lens


   Bree-Ann Merritt Photography, established in 2012 focuses on capturing the spirit in subjects and the once in a lifetime experience of weddings and special events. My passion for photography was sparked when my nephew Grayden was born. I started taking hundreds, if not thousands of photos of the little guy with my Mom's point and shoot camera. (He was was way too cute not to). The ability to capture him growing up and changing every day was such an amazing feeling. Soon after, I purchased my first Nikon DSLR camera and enrolled in the Professional Photography course at Red River College in Winnipeg and started on my lifelong journey of doing what I absolutely love. My goal with my work is to eventually be able to focus solely on photography full time and as they say "never have to work a day in my life". Nothing makes me happier than the reactions of mothers, families, and all of my clients when they see their loved ones personalities captured in their photos. It's amazing to be able to freeze those special moments for them.

   I have always been creative, whether it be in drawings, paintings, photography or designing costumes. I am happiest when I'm able to be creative and express myself through my work.

   I am very lucky to have an amazing (and also very artistically talented) older sister who has always inspired me to stay creative and doing what I love.